National Scientific Advisory Committee

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Our National Scientific Advisory Committee shapes and guides the science we generate and disseminate.

Committee members:
     • Assist with overall strategic research guidance
     • Advise on technical aspects of the science and scientific integrity
     • Help to expand activities in research, capacity building, and policy outreach
     • Facilitate research priority setting

Norman B. Anderson

Norman B. Anderson, Research Professor Of Social Work And Nursing, Assistant Vice President For Research And Academic Affairs, Florida State University

Howard Henderson

Howard Henderson, Professor and Founding Director of the Center for Justice Research, Barbara Jordan - Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs, Texas Southern University

Pamela Lattimore

Pamela Lattimore, Senior Director for Research Development, Division for Applied Justice Research, RTI International

Keith Parker

Keith Parker, Professor, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University

Faye Taxman

Faye Taxman, University Professor and Director of the Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence, Criminology, Law and Society Department, George Mason University

James Walker

James Walker, Retired Assistant Professor, Department of Behavioral Science and Center on Drug and Alcohol Research, University of Kentucky

Michael Vaughn

Michael Vaughn, Professor - Social Work, College for Public Health and Social Justice, Saint Louis University