Barada Regmi, MA

Research & Assessment Specialist
barada regmi

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Barada Regmi is a human rights and development practitioner passionate about uplifting and empowering the lives of those who have been deprived of their human rights for various social, cultural, or political reasons. She holds a Master’s degree in Human Rights Studies from Columbia University, New York, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Studies / Political Science from St. Cloud State University, Minnesota. After working in the developing communities of Nepal for the last four years, she is now based in Jacksonville, Florida. She has directly worked in/with government institutions, UN agencies, and national and international non-governmental organizations in various capacities. Her past work includes policy-based research in areas, including trafficking & migration, women’s rights, and water & sanitation rights. Ms. Regmi has been part of several qualitative and quantitative research projects, and has directly worked with vulnerable and marginalized population, including trafficked women and children. Currently, she is also involved in a project relating to reviewing and analyzing geopolitical conflicts, disorder patterns, and violence in developing countries of South Asia, particularly Nepal. She is fluent in English, Nepali, Hindi and Urdu.