Michelle Lasky, LCSW

Michelle Lasky

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Michelle Lasky is a licensed clinical social worker who has 8 years of experience working with individuals impacted by the criminal justice system. Michelle has worked in various settings including prisons and jails to provide needed behavioral health services to individuals who are incarcerated and has assisted individuals in transitioning from incarceration to their community. Michelle has worked to improve linkage to mental health services for individuals returning to the community to promote continuity of mental health care. Michelle has also provided substance abuse treatment services in jails and prisons. Michelle worked diligently to help implement a re-entry program in Cuyahoga County where men were able to receive treatment for substance abuse while in jail and received support in re-entry planning and follow up care in the community. Michelle has a strong passion for re-entry work and feels that it is the community's responsibility to ensure that returning citizens are supported and encouraged.