Aliyah Henry, MSW

aliyah henry

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Aliyah Henry’s passion for reforming the criminal justice system began when she had a field placement with the American Civil Liberties Union Connecticut Smart Justice. This group emphasizes that those who have been through the criminal justice system should be at the forefront of the policy decisions made on criminal justice reform. Henry helped coalesce a group of formerly incarcerated people to advocate for policy change as it pertains to criminal justice reform. This position inspired her to continue in the work of criminal justice reform advocacy as Chair of Students Against Mass Incarceration at the University of Connecticut School of Social Work. In this role, she hosted various activities on campus relating to issues pertaining to the criminal justice system. These include holding regular meetings, featuring speakers and groups invested in criminal justice reform, attending conferences, visiting Connecticut’s largest prison, and holding a donation drive for reentry services.

Henry has also had experience with working on a research project on police response to domestic violence in Puerto Rico in which she had the opportunity to travel abroad to Puerto Rico and interview domestic violence service providers on their ideas on police response to the issue. Henry has also had the pleasure to travel to Germany where she gained a wealth of knowledge and used this knowledge to work alongside a professor in writing a manuscript on microaggressions and travel studies. 

Henry holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Central Connecticut State University and a Master of Social Work from the University of Connecticut.