• New training series launched!

    This series supports those working within the criminal justice system to better understand the populations they serve. It includes an overview of the US criminal justice system and seven trainings focus on disproportionately represented individuals and communities.

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  • Infusing data-driven strategies to promote racial equity in criminal justice!

    Read this op-ed by Carrie Pettus that details evidence-driven strategies for moving beyond documenting racism in criminal justice to take bold action to disrupt racial bias & promote equity.

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  • New 5-Key Model Research Report Released!

    Learn how the Reentry Well-Being Assessment Tool assesses the theoretical validity of our well-being-oriented model, guides the connection of people to the right supports, and evaluates the impact of the 5-Key Model on participant outcomes.

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  • FSU research team awarded $3.1M NIH grant to address racial inequities in health care!

    The project maps out the impact of racism in primary care that leads to significant health disparities and poor outcomes.

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  • Learn about Carrie Pettus, IJRD's own Passionate Pioneer!

    Listen to this engaging podcast conversation on reducing our nation's overreliance on the criminal justice system and strategies to help justice-involved individuals to thrive!

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  • Support Data-Driven Criminal Justice Reform in 2021!

    Learn more about areas of giving and how your gift can make a difference in the lives of justice-involved individuals and families.

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  • Explore IJRD's Metrics & Impact

    Browse a compendium describing all of IJRD's metrics and impact since we opened our doors in 2018!

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  • Researcher-policymaker-correctional stakeholder partnerships change lives in SC

    Read an op-ed by Carrie Pettus and John Koufos on how key collaborations allow for the design and implementation of durable criminal justice policy and practice reforms

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  • Read what study participants say about the 5-Key Model!

    This report presents interviews conducted with 5-Key Model participants who describe their lives and tell stories about overcoming challenges and finding success with the help of the 5-Key Model!

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  • Learn how our work at IJRD examines equity and effectiveness in criminal justice reform

    One of our primary goals at IJRD is to ensure that people do not experience the system differently based on race, socioeconomic, or behavioral health status – read about what steps we take every day to reach this goal.

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IJRD Home Page

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Research & Clinical Services

We provide applied research design and implementation expertise to identify state-of-the-art practices by simultaneously delivering clinical services while researching their effectiveness.

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Adaptive Technology Practices

We are an innovation lab of ground-breaking virtual, mixed reality, and artificial intelligence technology applications for behavioral interventions, policy simulations, research, and training.

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Professional Training Services

We provide knowledge and expertise to create and facilitate customized trainings, amplify organizational functioning, optimize programs and service delivery, and ensure program effectiveness.

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We rapidly translate research findings to academic and non-academic stakeholders to catalyze the adoption of our scientific discoveries into policy and practice. 

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Our values:

Measuring Well-Being During Reentry

Learn about anew tool to measure well-being for individuals returning home from incarceration

The Well-Being Development Model: A Theoretical Model to Improve Outcomes among Criminal Justice System–Involved Individuals

Learn about the Well-Being Development Model, the foundation for IJRD's work!

Reducing Reliance on the Criminal Justice System passionate pioneers

Listen to IJRD Exec Dir discuss how to reduce our overreliance on criminal justice responses

Recidivism rate is down in SC prisons. These strategies work.

Learn about an exciting partnership with researchers, policymakers, and correctional stakeholders


Learn more about this exciting new training program!

Brief Report: COVID-19's Impact on Reentry Research

Learn how COVID-19 affects individuals leaving incarceration & reentry research