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Published: | Author: Kathleen Haughney | Source: Florida State University News

FSU has launched a new initiative designed to amplify centers and institutes that are doing high-profile, public-impact research and connect them with donors interested in pursuing big questions. Three centers were chosen for the initial pilot phase of the initiative – IJRD, the Florida Center for Reading Research, and the Resilient Infrastructure and Disaster Response Center.

“Big Bets requires faculty to look several years, perhaps even a decade, into the future and articulate the major impacts their research can achieve with the infusion of a multimillion-dollar world-changing gift,” Fulkerson said. “We recognize the delta that exists between our excellent research centers and the resources needed to make a colossal impact. This initiative is an attempt to bridge that gap and connect our centers to big thinkers with big ideas about changing the world.”

Published: | Source: Florida Politics

About 50 people received special training as part of a St. Johns County Sheriff and Florida State University Institute for Justice Research and Development program designed to enhance mental health measures.

The training conducted on April 26 and 27 focused on peer support for co-workers during high-stress situations. About half the participants were employees of the sheriff’s office, while the other half were professionals in St. Johns County workplaces.

Ultimately, the training provided steps and measures to take if a co-worker mental health support in an office or workplace setting.

Published: | Source: Ponte Vedra Register

IJRD and the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office partnered together last week to deliver 24 sheriff’s office personnel and 25 others peer-to-peer support training. Law enforcement officers are exposed to violence and suffering every day, which can cause emotional stress and impact the brain and body, resulting in post-traumatic stress. The training, conducted by IJRD, aims to give law enforcement officers a deeper understanding of how the mind and body react to on-the-job stress and learn actionable steps they can take to help support others who are suffering.

 “We are grateful to IJRD for developing this one-of-a-kind training that is critically important to our law enforcement personnel who are constantly exposed to violence and suffering, which, in turn, manifests as post-traumatic stress,” said St. Johns County Sheriff Robert A. Hardwick. “This program will ensure they have the skillset necessary to identify this stress and take action to handle it not only in themselves, but with their peers.”

Published: | Source: Tallahassee Democrat

IJRD student researcher Olivia Hitchcock worked with Mercy House Director and IJRD Community Advisory Board member Dale White to conduct a program evaluation to ensure Mercy House's services were making maximum impact. Hitchcock led the review, with other participants including Good News Outreach program and volunteer coordinator Fundra Hart, program participants, experts in reentry to society after prison, faith leaders and other experts. 

Published: | Author: Carrie Pettus-Davis | Source: The News Press

The Florida State University Institute for Justice Research and Development (FSU IJRD) developed this one-of-a-kind, research-backed training in partnership with the FSA because we recognized that while departments routinely focus on maintaining an officer’s physical health, there is another critical and equally important component — an officer’s mental health, including the effects of exposure to extremely stressful or traumatic events.

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Published: | Source: NWF Daily News

The Florida Sheriffs Association and Florida State University’s Institute for Justice Research and Development, alongside Florida House Speaker Chris Sprowls and Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson Jr., recently announced a collaborative training program, “Resiliency Behind the Badge.”

The program is aimed at identifying and addressing post-traumatic stress in law enforcement officers across the state.

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Published: | Author: Troy Kinsey | Source: Spectrum News 13 - Orlando

In the wake of this year's mass protests over police practices, Florida's Republican leaders are embracing a decidedly pro-law enforcement agenda, including support for a new training program to help officers identify and address post-traumatic stress associated with their jobs.

The program, "Resiliency Behind the Badge," has been developed by the Florida Sheriffs Association and Florida State University's Institute for Justice Research and Development, and this month earned an endorsement from House Speaker Chris Sprowls (R-Palm Harbor). "Whether it's a traffic stop or whether it's responding to a shots fired call, they can be equally dangerous situations for our police officers, and the stress that that puts on them and puts on their families can be seen when you interact with them and talk with them and learn about their service," Sprowls said during a virtual press conference.

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Published: | Author: Sarah Bascom, Kristen Grissom | Source: FSU College of Social Work

The Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) and Florida State University’s Institute for Justice Research and Development (IJRD), alongside Florida House Speaker Chris Sprowls (R-Palm Harbor) and Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson, Jr., today announced a collaborative new training program, “Resiliency Behind the Badge,” aimed at identifying and addressing post-traumatic stress in law enforcement officers across the state. 

“Every day our law enforcement officers report for duty, they are unsure of what lies ahead. They are prepared to bravely run toward danger, witness painful and traumatic events, and risk their own lives to save others at a moment’s notice,” said Speaker Sprowls. “That unique work environment can take its toll, both physically and mentally. It is important that we take care of our law enforcement officers and provide them the support they need.”

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Published: | Author: Renzo Downey | Source: FLAPOL

Law enforcement leaders and researchers hope to combat post-traumatic stress in the force with a collaborative new training program in Florida.

Florida State University’s Institute for Justice Research and Development created the “Resiliency Behind the Badge” program, available across the state beginning Thursday through the Florida Sheriffs Association.

Through the program, law enforcement officers can learn to recognize traumatic stress’ physical and mental indicators and practice managing and responding to that stress both on and off the job. Officers also learn to identify potential symptoms in their peers and direct them to help if necessary.


This was also featured in FLAPOL's Sunburn.

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Published: | Author: WCJB Staff | Source: WCJB

Unveiled Thursday, the three-hour course seeks to help officers recognize PTSD in themselves and fellow cops. Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson believes the program will save taxpayers.

“You want to mitigate use of force and you want better customer service for the citizens that we serve. The thing you have to do is provide healthier officers,” said Adkinson.

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