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Published: | Author: Barbara Miller | Source: Observer-Reporter

About 80 inmates from Washington County who are being released from state prisons will be part of a four-state study aimed at reducing recidivism and helping former inmates find jobs. 

Published: | Author: KATE GIAMMARISE | Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Funding from The Charles Koch Institute will allow Pennsylvanians returning home from prison in Allegheny, Fayette and Washington counties to participate in a national re-entry initiative that aims to help them succeed after incarceration.

Published: | Author: MEGAN GUZA | Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Some inmates in Pennsylvania prisons will be part of a four-state pilot program that will track and monitor them upon their release with the goal of keeping them from ending up back behind bars.

Published: | Source: Tallahassee Democrat

 On July 26, Carrie Pettus-Davis, Ph.D., with the FSU College of Social Work will discuss re-entry as it applies to inmates and formerly incarcerated people in Tallahassee to help support their transition back into their community. 

Published: | Author: Michelle Ye Hee Lee | Source: The Washington Post

A new project funded by the network aligned with billionaire industrialist Charles Koch is tracking and monitoring 1,100 inmates in four states after they are released from prison starting Aug. 1 to help them successfully reintegrate into society.

Published: | Source: The Crime Report

1,100 inmates from Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania and Kentucky will be monitored starting this week to help them reintegrate into society

Published: | Source: University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work

Most individual, couples and family therapy takes a problem-focused approach — delving deep to understand a problem over many sessions before beginning to address solutions. Dr. Johnny Kim advocates for a different approach for many clients: solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT), which, as the name implies, moves directly to solutions for a wide range of issues, including depression, addiction and trauma.

Published: | Source: Center for Social Development, WUSTL News

 "​The White House hosted a high-profile summit meeting on federal prison reform on May 18, and Carrie Pettus-Davis, who helped to organize it, sat among cabinet members."

Published: | Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"At Florida State, Pettus-Davis will run the Institute for Justice Research and Development...Two studies are underway. One study compares substance abuse treatment inside Florida prisons. The other assesses re-entry programs at prisons in Texas, Kentucky, Florida and Pennsylvania to get them more consistent with best practices. Pettus-Davis said she hoped to include Missouri on the list of participants."

Published: | Source: USA Today

"Five key pillars — including positive social engagement, meaningful work trajectories — needed for successful return from incarceration," researcher says.