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Featured Projects

5-Key Model for Reentry

The 5-Key Model for ReentryTM translates the key ingredients of successful reentry into a flexible, customizable approach. 

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Support4Families™ is a reentry program designed to increase social support for individuals transitioning from incarceration to the community.   

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Deferred Prosecution

Deferred prosecution is an innovative diversion mechanism which offers individuals the opportunity to avoid incarceration, access support, and build a life worth living. 

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Trauma-Informed Care

We provide evidence-driven and trauma-informed substance use and mental health programs in prisons to help individuals heal and thrive. 

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Public Defense

We embed social workers in Public Defender's offices to connect defendants to social support and community resources and maximize positive legal outcomes.   

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Addressing the Opioid Crisis

We search for innovative means to address the opioid crisis in both urban and rural areas and promote community well-being.

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Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

We are currently developing proposals to use Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Artificial Intelligence applications to create policy, practice, and training opportunities for professionals in the field. 

Smart Decarceration Initiative

The Smart Decarceration Initiative aims to stimulate applied policy and behavioral intervention research that will reduce the incarcerated population in ways that are humane, socially just, and sustainable. 

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Grand Challenges for Social Work

Led by the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare, the Grand Challenges for Social Work is a groundbreaking initiative to champion social progress powered by science.

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