Doctoral Affiliates

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Become a Doctoral Affiliate with IJRD!

We are accepting data sharing applications from students currently enrolled in an advanced graduate program (i.e., PhD, JD, or MD). The purpose of data sharing is to expand the reach of ongoing and completed research projects conducted by the faculty and staff at IJRD and to create an opportunity for doctoral students to receive mentorship in preparing academic journal articles for publication.

Doctoral Affiliates serve as the Principal Investigator and lead author on a manuscript submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed academic journal. IJRD data may also be used to support white papers, technical reports, and conference presentations in addition to academic publications, although Affiliates may not use IJRD data to fulfill requirements for a degree program (i.e., Dissertation or Thesis), unless the student is currently enrolled at the Florida State University and has permission to use data for that purpose prior to submitting a data sharing application.

                      You can access the full Data Sharing Agreement Application here

Prior to submitting your application, please email a brief (less than 100 word) summary description of your proposed project to Dr. Stephanie Kennedy, the Director of Research Dissemination at IJRD. She can be reached at Dr. Kennedy will provide guidance on existing data and suggest an appropriate Institute faculty member for collaboration on your project. We look forward to collaborating with you!