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A multi-state, multi-site randomized controlled trial of the 5-Key Model  

Mass incarceration continues to be a significant public health and public safety issue in the US. At the beginning of the 21st century, there was growing excitement and energy surrounding programs designed to aid the transition from prison to the community. Now well over a decade later, innovations in prisoner reentry programs have fallen into a rut as most are found to only have a negligible impact on recidivism and mass incarceration because the programs simply cannot meet the growing demands on reentry services.

In order to disrupt the current state of poor outcomes for prisoner reentry, our team identified and are refining a program that addresses the five key ingredients to successful reentry, entitled the 5-Key Model for Reentry Program. This manual was built on a review of over 100,000 program evaluations. Using the most cutting-edge research available, we selected the most potent interventions and combined them into one reentry program manual. The 5-Key Model focuses on the social mobility and well-being of formerly incarcerated individuals to ensure individuals will remain crime-free and contribute positively to society. Research indicates that a focus on mobility and well-being best maximizes public health and public safety.    

The IJRD team is currently researching and refining the 5-Key Model among individuals leaving incarceration in 7 states. The research entails a randomized controlled trial and involves researchers and practitioners in its implementation and refinement process. We have established local teams in each state and these positions will join one of those local teams.

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Reentry Project Manager

Reentry Project Managers manage a team of practitioners and researchers in our field sites working to implement a randomized controlled trial of the 5-Key Model. 

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Reentry Program Specialist

Reentry Program Specialists deliver services to individuals in incarceration settings and in the community to help them develop well-being.   

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Research & Assessment Specialist

Research & Assessment Specialists interview individuals in incarceration settings and in the community to understand their experiences of reentry and the 5-Key Model.

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Clinical Research Associate

Clinical Research Associates ensure services are delivered as designed by monitoring the use of evidence-driven interventions and providing feedback and training to practitioners.

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Project Support Specialists

Project Support Specialists assist research staff with tracking and coordinating research activities with participants returning from prison to the community.   

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Reentry Community Engagement Associates

We are hiring individuals who have experienced  incarceration to serve as Reentry Community Engagement Associates in Indiana, South Carolina, and Ohio to do outreach to participants. 

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Research Technicians

Research Technicians are graduate students who support our teams across the nation. For more information on these positions, please contact Annie Grier - agrier@fsu.edu

Data Management Analyst

We are searching for an experienced data management analyst to join our Tallahassee team! 

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