Internship Opportunities

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Clinical Practicum/Field Opportunities

Clinical Practicum students work with our teams across the nation to deliver evidence-based interventions to participants in incarceration settings and after their release to the community.

Research Practicum/Field Opportunities

Research and Policy Practicum students work with our teams to research evidence-based interventions and create data-driven policy changes from research findings.

Communications and Public Relations Internships

Communications and Public Relations Interns craft press releases, social media posts, op-eds, and other public-facing communications designed to expand the reach of our research findings and garner media attention for our work. 

Marketing Internships

Marketing interns work closely with our Communications team and Graphic Designer to create logos, websites, infographics, social media posts, and other branding to enhance our public-facing communications. 

Editing and Writing Internships

Editing and Writing interns work closely with the Director of Research Dissemination to create written products for distribution. These products may be academic papers, but more often translate research data into products meant for a general audience. 


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