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Pennsylvania Implements Safe Streets & Second Chances Program

Open Minds - October 7, 2018


Pennsylvania Joins Four-State Study To Prevent Prison Reentry

90.5 WESA - September 6, 2018


State prison inmates from Washington County to be included in study

Observer-Reporter - September 4, 2018


Charles Koch Institute to fund criminal justice initiative in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - August 31, 2018


Western Pa. inmates to participate in Koch-funded $4M re-entry program

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - August 30, 2018


CamPus Notes - FAMU Launches Community Forum Series to Empower Residents and Students

Tallahassee Democrat - August 5, 2018


Koch Project Tests New Inmate Rehab Model

The Crime Report - July 30, 2018


Koch network project gears up to help inmates reenter society after prison

Washington Post - July 28, 2018


Prison reform ‘unites people from across the political spectrum’

Center for Social Development WUSTL News - May 29, 2018


Brown School expert to unwind 'mass incarceration' from Florida instead of Missouri

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - April 6, 2018


It takes more than a decade to implement re-entry reform, leaving inmates and communities with limited options

USA Today - February 27, 2018


Researcher, Reformer, Life-Changer

Charles Koch Foundation - January 29, 2018


FSU College of Social Work to launch re-entry initiative with $1M grant

Florida State University News - January 24, 2018


Kochs offer $4M for anti-recidivism program

The Hill - January 24, 2018


Parole violations, not new crimes, help drive prison’s revolving door

Berkley News - October 3, 2017


Inmates Need Social Media. Take it from a Prisoner

Wired - October 1, 2017


Promoting Smart Decarceration through Research, Practice, and Policy Partnerships

the daily, Case Western Reserve University, August, 31, 2017


New Book Provides Strategies for Smart Decarceration of America’s Prisons

the Source, WUSTL,July 11, 2017;the Record - July 18, 2017


Still Doing Time 

Koch Newsroom - June 13, 2017


Smart Decarceration Trumps Lock Them Up Policies

Congressional Research Institute for Social Work & Policy - May 25, 2017


Sessions’ Tough Sentencing Guidance Could Negatively Impact the Federal Budget

The Fiscal Times - May 12, 2017


Smart Decarceration Can Help Shrink Sprawling American Prison System

The Record, WUSTL - May 3, 2017


Where Some of the Most Housing-Challenged Philadelphians Find Help

Next City - May 1, 2017


Sessions memo: Reversal on private prisons could portend shift on justice, observers say

The Christian Science Monitor - February 24, 2017


Understanding a St. Louis Mayoral Candidate's Viral Takedown of a Local Newspaper

Citylab (The Atlantic) - February 13, 2017


12 Grand Challenges gain momentum at BrownSchool forum

Social Justice Solutions - September 20, 2016


12 Grand Challenges gain momentum at Brown School forum

CRISP - September 19, 2016


Mass incarceration could be costing the United States over $1 trillion a year

Fusion - September 17, 2016


Joe Madison-Washington University professors-Mass incarceration

SiriusXM New & Issues - September 16, 2016


The full cost of incarceration in the U.S. is over $1 trillion, study finds

Huffington Post - September 13, 2016


Cost of incarceration in the U.S. more than $1 trillion

WUSTL Record - September 13, 2016


The true cost of mass incarceration exceeds $1 trillion

ThinkProgress, September 12, 2016


Incarceration in the U.S. costs more than $1 trillion a year, Washington University study claims

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - September 10, 2016


Brown School conference to focus on ‘12 Grand Challenges’ for America

WUSTL The Source - September 8, 2016


Private Prisons to be phased out, Obama Administration seeks higher goal

The Christian Science Monitor- August 18, 2016


Amid growing effort to help ex-cons, a small but powerful step

The Christian Science Monitor - April 26, 2016


Congress's big, bipartisan success that might be just beginning

The Christian Science Monitor - October 20, 2015


WashU Expert: Senate criminal justice reform bill falls short of needed changes

WUSTL Newsroom - October 1, 2015


Smart Decarceration Conference kicks off with discussion of injust incarceration practices, racial disparity

WUSTL Student Life, September 28, 2015


Chisholm: Mass incarceration no answer to society's problems

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel- September 26, 2015


Washington University conference looks at ways to reverse mass incarceration in the U.S.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - September 25, 2015


Smart Decarceration Initiative Discusses Ways to Cut Imprisonment in the U.S.

The Crime Report - September 2015


WU works to reduce recidivism, to host national decarceration conference

WUSTL Student Life - September 24, 2015


John Chisholm and Ronald Simpson-Bey, “Redefining Justice In America”

WUSTL Record -  September 22, 2015


WashU Expert: Pope Francis visit spotlights needed criminal justice system reform

WUSTL Newsroom - September 21, 2015


Retired Wells Fargo exec to help ex-convicts

Barron's -  August 1, 2015


Brown School’s Pettus-Davis to lead research arm of new prisoner reentry initiative

The Source–Washington University - April 29, 2015


Reducing Illinois prison population is a marathon, not a sprint

Chicago Sun Times - April 10, 2015


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