The Luminaries

IJRD is a team of passionate innovators and social scientists. Through creativity and research, we are re-envisioning a country with a dramatically reduced need for the criminal justice system. Whether you find us in prison, on the Senate floor, or researching in the community, you will find us confronting challenges and offering data-driven solutions to make a difference in the lives of others. We are the translators who convert research into actionable toolkits. We stand against quick fixes and empty promises that do not result in enduring change. We are the thought leaders that bring together the greatest minds across the sciences to build equitable solutions that elevate the capacity of individuals and communities to thrive.



The Luminaries are a group of supporters dedicated to the sustainability and scale of the organization. The Luminaries cover IJRD’s core programmatic expenses. By meeting the organization’s basic needs, you are ensuring that we achieve deep impact:

By 2025, we will build actionable research standards for examining the effectiveness of criminal justice reforms:

  • We know we have achieved actionable research standards when stakeholder groups are using our research to make decisions such as prosecutors using alternatives to incarceration when possible and corrections agencies adopting the data-driven 5-Key Model for Reentry.  
  • Actionable research standards are models or a set of expected outcomes that can assess quality and likely effectiveness of proposed criminal justice reforms. As a part of this goal, we make sure these standards are clearly translated to differing stakeholder groups.


How you can help: 

Join the Luminaries by making a transformational gift toward our core programmatic expenses. Together, the Luminaries will fuel each of IJRD’s missional goals and ignite a sustainable and scalable organization for years to come. 



Please reach out to Dr. Kerensa Lockwood or (850) 644-4753 to schedule a time to learn more about how your philanthropic priorities align with the impact we can achieve together.