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Published: | Author: Washington University in St. Louis | Source: The Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis

The Brown School is providing national leadership on the Grand Challenges. Michael Sherraden, the George Warren Brown Distinguished University Professor, is co-chair of the Grand Challenges Executive Committee, and provides a webinar overview of the Grand Challenges.

Annie Grier, MSW, is a project manager at the Brown School’s Center for Social Development (CSD), where her work focuses on reversing mass incarceration in the United States. Associate Professor Carrie Pettus-Davis and Grier’s research originated at the Brown School and will be continuing at Florida State University. Pettus-Davis is also a faculty director within CSD.

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Joe Madison speaks with Washington University Professors Carrie Pettus-Davis & Michael McLaughlin about their research on the true cost of mass incarceration.

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