Overview of the Criminal Justice System

Overview of the Criminal Justice System

Although the term ‘mass incarceration' is widely used in the news media, it can be difficult to find concise information on how and why the US incarcerated population has grown exponentially over the past 50 years. This training explores the history, scope, and function of the criminal justice system as well as steps being taken to reduce the overall incarcerated population using smart decarceration principles.

At the end of this training, trainees will understand:  

  • The scope and functioning of the criminal justice system
  • How incarceration rates in the United States compare to rates in other countries
  • The history of corrections and shifting philosophies of incarceration over time
  • What factors have fueled mass incarceration
  • What decarceration is and how researchers, policymakers, and advocates are working toward smart decarceration

Training length: 1 hour

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): This training earns 1 CEU. Attendees who wish to receive CEUs will receive a certificate of completion immediately upon earning an 80% or above on the training post-test. They may use this certificate to verify CEUs earned by submitting it to their licensing board. 

Training type: Video

Training cost: $49.99 ON SALE NOW* $25.99 *Use code IJRD50off at checkout for a limited time. 

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Trainer: Stephen Tripodi, PhD, MSSW

Dr. Stephen Tripodi (he/him) has more than 15 years of experience collaborating with researchers, correctional stakeholders, practitioners and clinical service providers, and nonprofit administrators and staff to design and implement research projects in jails, prisons, and communities. He is a seasoned teacher and trainer, having taught introductory courses about how the US criminal justice system functions to students at all levels, behavioral health service providers, and community members for over a decade. Tripodi’s engaging style and gift for simplifying complex material into readily accessible formats enhance the utility of this brief training.


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