Training Series for Nonprofit Organizations

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How to Build Funding, Evaluation, and an Evidence Base for Nonprofits

This series of trainings is designed for nonprofit administrators and staff to learn about the basics of identifying funding sources, preparing grant applications, conducting program evaluations, collecting high-quality data, and building an evidence base for your programs. Whether you are looking for funding or are eager to collect information on your program’s effectiveness, there is a training in this series for you! Purchase the entire series for a discount or purchase individual trainings to meet your organization's needs.

The training series includes FIVE trainings!

  • Finding Funding: How to Prepare & Write a Grant Application
  • Developing New Programs: A Guide for Nonprofits and NGOs
  • How to Conduct a Program Evaluation
  • How to Collect Data
  • How to Collaborate with Researchers

Purchasing a training in this series grants your personal access for 6 months to our video-based training, which provide the most up-to-date information from experts at a state-of-the-art research institute housed at a Preeminent University. Click here to browse our training catalog - learn more about each training in this series below.



The team of experts at IJRD who developed the series have brought in over $33 million in funding to support research being conducted in 20 states across the nation. They have designed, implemented, and evaluated dozens of programs in nonprofit organizations, correctional settings, and communities with thousands of research participants. 

Trainings are accessible to those with little to no prior research experience. You may purchase each training individually or complete the entire series.


The benefits of this training series include:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of how to further your organization’s mission through effective data collection and analysis
  • Confidence that the services you provide are accomplishing what you want them to.
  • Enhanced professional knowledge, skills, and career potential.
  • Increased impact and reach by having the ability to prove to your funders that you are effective.
  • Knowledge of how to use data to create more effective and impactful programming


Training length: Series: 5 hours; Individual Trainings: Approximately 1 hour

Training type: Video

Training cost: Series: $199.99; Individual Trainings: $49.99 (choose an individual training to register for below)

CEUs: Attendees who wish to receive continuing education units (CEUs) will receive a certificate of completion that indicates participation in this series. They may use this certificate to verify 5 CEUs earned by submitting it to their licensing board.

Need help or have questions? Access answers to frequently asked questions here. Contact Amberly Prykhodko at


Click here to browse our training catalog

Finding Funding: How to Prepare & Write a Grant Application

This training focuses on identifying funding opportunities, understanding the key components of a grant solicitation, and developing a grant proposal that maximizes your chances of being funded.  

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Developing New Programs: A Guide for Nonprofits and NGOs

If your organization is interested in creating a new program to better meet the needs of your clients, then this is the training for you!

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How to Conduct a Program Evaluation

In this training, we detail the steps needed to conduct a quality program evaluation to help your non-profit or NGO determine whether or not your programs are working! 

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How to Collect Data

This training demystifies data collection, helping you understand what high-quality data are and how to collect them to examine your organization's effectiveness, gaps, and needs.

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How to Collaborate with Researchers

This training will help you learn how to partner with a researcher from a local college or university to build programs, conduct program evaluations, and more!

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