international journal of prisoner health

Incarcerated individuals’ experiences of COVID-19 in the United States

Published: | Author: Carrie Pettus-Davis, Stephanie Kennedy, Christopher Veeh

This study examines steps taken by correctional staff and incarcerated individuals to reduce transmission risk for COVID-19. Data were drawn from interviews with 327 individuals incarcerated in 3 states. Overall, 9.9% of participants contracted COVID-19. Most participants wore face masks, washed hands, and practiced physical distancing. Participants reported that most facilities suspended visitation and volunteers, provided face masks, and sanitized. Few individuals were released early. Data indicate early adoption of many CDC guidelines, although state variation existed. 

Category: COVID-19
covid-19 incarceration and reentry

COVID-19, Incarceration, and Reentry

Published: | Author: Carrie Pettus-Davis, Stephanie Kennedy, Faye Miller

This report presents data on the COVID-19 related experiences of incarcerated individuals and individuals recently released from incarceration. Study participants report how they learned about COVID-19 while incarcerated and identified the strategies both the facilities they were incarcerated in and they themselves as individuals took to prevent infection.

Category: 5-Key Model for Reentry, Well-Being, COVID-19