5-Key Model for Reentry

5Key quarterly report

Researching and Responding to Barriers to Prisoner Reentry: Early Findings from a Multi-state Trial

Published: | Author: Carrie Pettus-Davis, Stephanie Kennedy

This report describes the inner workings and early discoveries of participants and researchers in a groundbreaking longitudinal study currently occurring in four states, 50 prisons, 12 urban and rural counties with more than 1800 people enrolled since May 2018. The study, officially titled A Multisite Randomized Controlled Trial of the 5 Key Model for Reentry, is research that is occurring as a part of a larger initiative referred to as the Safe Streets and Second Chances initiative.

Category: Reentry, Well-Being, 5-Key Model for Reentry
5Key Model intervention development study

Intervention Development Study of the 5 Key Model for Reentry: An Evidence Driven Prisoner Reentry Intervention

Published: | Author: Carrie Pettus-Davis, Tanya Renn, Christopher Veeh

Over the past decade and a half, substantial resources were poured into the development of prisoner reentry programs. However, the excitement that surrounded the initial roll out of reentry programs has begun to wane from a lack of substantive change to the number of individuals who return to prison. Therefore, this paper details the development of an intervention that can provide a new path forward for prisoner reentry programs.

Category: Reentry, Well-Being, 5-Key Model for Reentry